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Informazioni sul corso

The objective of the educational program is to provide practical transversal skills in order to allow all participants to prepare a training plan within the youth sector and basic activity. The knowledge and skills learned during the course will be verified through a final test which will be carried out independently by each candidate through the preparation of a teaching unit.

Topics covered during the course will be:

  • Didactic-educational programming
  • Questions and planning
  • Basic motor patterns
  • Sense/perceptive abilities
  • Coordination skills
  • The teaching unit, monitoring and evaluation
  • The pedagogical skills of the technician
  • Coach Psychology
  • Basic activity psychology
  • Lateralization
  • The fundamentals of football
  • Specific technical skills
  • Communication, the three “S”s of the Instructor
  • Evaluation and the various types of evaluation
  • The training session (simulation, theory and practice)
  • Learning methodologies of the Youth Sector
  • Set up a training session
  • Notes on Sports Ethics and Fair Play principles
  • The sensitive phases and basic activity
  • Training methodology
  • Teaching methodology
  • Stress and training load
  • Posture in the youth sector: practical aspects
  • Management of the relationship with the sports club
  • Fiscal and tax aspects for the Instructor
  • Sports employment contracts and how to manage an ASD


The exam consists of n. 30 multiple choice questions (four possible options and only one correct option). In addition to the final exam, the student will have to deliver a teaching unit (training session) for a category of students of their choice. The exam is carried out independently with the teaching secretary. It is possible to book a session every month at no additional cost by sending an email to aifsformazione@gmail.com indicating your name and the course taken.

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Contenuto del corso

Introduzione – Roberto Quaranta

  • La programmazione didattico educativa, gli interrogativi e la programmazione, le competenze pedagogiche del tecnico
  • Gli schemi motori di base, le capacità senso percettive, le capacità coordinative e la lateralizzazione
  • La psicologia del coach, i fondamenti del gioco del calcio, le abilità tecniche e specifiche nel calcio, la comunicazione e le “S” dell’allenatore, le metedeologie d’apprendimento nel settore giovanile e l’unità didattica
  • La valutazione, come impostare una seduta di allenamento e il fair play

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